Tax/Social Security: New P45 forms

Posted on 7th January, 2009

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HMRC has introduced a new form P45 which must be used to record details of employment that have come to an end on or after 6 April 2009.  The new form is larger, A4 rather than A5, and incorporates new fields in which to record the employee’s date of birth and gender.  HMRC has commented that the changes will make it easier to match an employee’s information and records and should reduce the number of queries made to employers.

Purpose of P45 forms

Employers complete a P45 form whenever a contract of employment comes to an end.  The form is a record of the tax and pay already deducted in the current tax year and enables any new employer to set up its payroll accurately.  The P45 consists of four parts; employers submit part 1 to HMRC and the other three parts to the employee.

Action required

Order the new forms from the Employer Orderline (see below) as the old style P45s are no longer valid.


Employer Orderline
HMRC press release      
The new P45 form

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