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We can help you formulate, document and operate effective policies that support your international business objectives.
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Supporting Global Mobility

Increasingly, organisations are looking to expand into new markets or support their existing global entities with fresh talent. CELIA Alliance members offer a full range of advisory and consulting services to clients operating international executive mobility programmes, whether just for one person or a fully developed global programme.

How we help

With a wealth of knowledge relating to global assignments and general industry practices, we can help your key employment relationships with mobile executives be clear and effective.

Whether you need assistance with tax and social security planning, entry and exit interviews, business immigration, pension planning or assignment documentation, our full service enables best practice in the design and operation of global mobility programmes.

Our Services

Structuring assignments to take advantage of possible, often very significant, employer and employee tax and social security savings.

Ensuring compliance with home and host country income tax and social security withholding and reporting responsibilities (including tax return preparation and payroll operation).

Expert employment law services, including advice on a choice of law issues; employment protection and cross-border trade protection issues; full assignment contract documentation.

Business immigration services coordinated across your global expatriation programme.

Dual contract arrangements for those with roles in more than one jurisdiction.

Arranging ‘arrival’ and ‘exit’ interviews for assignees to assist with planning their affairs.

Assistance with pension planning choices, including advice on and applications for appropriate host country tax relief.

Assessment and implementation of home or host-based compensation approaches for globally mobile employees.

Guidance on international long-term incentive plans and considerations for assignees and local transfers.

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CELIA Alliance is made up of firms with longstanding experience in dealing with global mobility issues. Through CELIA Alliance firms, we can plan and provide the expatriation and inpatriation services relying on law and tax firms abroad having our same expertise and experience.

Lorenzo Bacciardi, Managing Partner
Bacciardi Partners, Italy

For proper advice to clients on international postings it is key to have easy access to excellent tax and employment lawyers across border you know well. This is people’s business, after all. Celia Alliance is offering that.

Hans van Ruiten, Tax Partner
Loyens & Loeff, Netherlands