CELIA is an international alliance of independent law and professional services firms. 

We are dedicated to helping international businesses make the most of their people. As a non-exclusive alliance, CELIA members are also retained by other professional services firms (including some of the world's 100 largest law firms) to deliver the expert services expected by their clients.

  • How can you support employees who are citizens of Ukraine?

    Latest issue of HRadar provides insights into ways of supporting Ukrainian citizens by their employers.

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  • A global network of expertise

    Celia provides expert Law and Tax services to help international businesses make the most of their people

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  • Compensation and Benefits

    Our objective is to optimise international compensation and benefits whether you need assistance with feasibility and design, drafting or broader implementation.

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  • Employment and Labour Law

    CELIA members provide effective, practical advice to help international employers better manage all aspects of the individual and collective employment relationship.

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  • International Assignments

    CELIA's multi-disciplinary approach enables global mobility for international business to be cost and tax efficient and compliant.

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