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Posted on 8th November, 2022

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We are proud to announce that KELLER MENZ, CELIA Alliance's German member firm, is listed in the "German Commercial Law Firms 2022/2023" JUVE handbook for another year.

JUVE publications have been issued annually since 1998 to provide commercial law firms and their clients with reliable information about market changes, strengths and weaknesses of rival law firms, and how they are developing in Germany and abroad. JUVE has clear supremacy in the German market of "law firm news" and close to no competitor exists.

The JUVE handbook overviews 750 commercial law firms and their market position in Germany. To bring transparency to the rapidly, ever-changing legal advice market and nearly 20,500 copies are sent to companies, law firms, courts, universities, and libraries. The JUVE handbook provides a factual base for law firm marketing and management.

Only 73 law firms in Germany are listed under employment law for companies and Keller Menz are one.

"We see this as a great achievement regarding the perception in the market and are keen to keep this position in the next year's edition," says Dr Christian Ley, a Keller Menz partner and specialist lawyer for labour law.

The handbook is already available in German. Please click here to access it. The English version shall follow in the first quarter of 2023.

To know more about Keller Menz , our German CELIA Alliance member firm, visit the firm’s profile page here.

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