Useful Links

Links to useful resources for our member firms’ countries.


GEO is a not for profit organisation.providing useful information and related activities relevant to issues involving the use of equity-based employee compensation in the global community (including the UK).

Independent organisation responsible for setting international accounting standards

A leading objective and independent global source of employee benefits, compensation and financial literacy education and information

IOSCO promotes international securities regulation

Rich source of comparable statistical, economic and social data by country; model  tax treaty conventions setter, and more

WorldatWork is the world’s leading not-for-profit professional association dedicated to knowledge leadership in total rewards, compensation, benefits, and work-life.  The website contains useful resources.

Publications, events and more

European Union

EUR-Lex provides direct free access to European Union law.  Here you can consult the Official Journal of the European Union as well as the treaties, legislation, case-law and legislative proposals.  You can also use the extensive search facilities available on EUR-Lex

EFESO’s mission is to act as an umbrella organisation for all those interested or involved in promoting employee ownership in Europe.  Excellent multi-lingual site with resources

EUROPA is the portal site of the European Union. It provides up-to-date coverage of European Union affairs and essential information on European integration. Users can also consult all legislation currently in force or under discussion, access the websites of each of the EU institutions and find out about the policies administered by the European Union under the powers devolved to it by the Treaties

European Central Bank, interest rates, monetary policy and more

A not-for-profit organisation devoted to developing employee ownership particularly among multinational companies

Provides newsletters and press releases on latest developments in European policy

Explains institutions of the ECJ and gives guidance on proceedings and links to relevant case law and links to Member State law sites

This is the online version of the European Employment and Industrial Relations Glossaries, which explain the national industrial relations systems of the EU member states using their terminology

The European Ombudsman investigates complaints about institutions and bodies of the European Community

Website of the European Parliament.  News items, press agenda, policies and procedure

GEO is a not-for-profit organization providing a forum for exchange between members of information relating to the use of equity-based employee compensation in the global community (including the EU).  Provides useful technical updates and more

The IOTA provides a forum for discussion of practical tax administration issues, to promote co-operation between tax administrations in the European region and to support their development according to their individual needs.


Resource for members and site visitor


Useful information from the Government for foreign citizens living in Austria

Information about the parliament, laws, useful links and general materials (some, but not all, in English)


Website of the Belgium Financial Services Regulator

Contact details and useful information on the Belgian social security system

General information about Belgium and its institutions and useful links (limited English content)


General business and economic information

A large link database for all aspects of trade and regulation (mostly not in English)


Employee Ownership & Incentives Association (EOIA)

The EOIA of Vancouver, B.C., is a private, non-profit society that assists its members to develop and implement shared ownership and employee involvement strategies

Employee Share Ownership Plan

British Columbia’s Employee Share Ownership Program is the operating name of the employee investment incentive program set out in the Canadian Employee Investment Act.  The program is designed to encourage employees to make equity investments in British Columbia companies.  This site provides comprehensive information on the program

ESOP Association Canada

Information on employee share ownership and some related links

International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plan

A leading objective source of relevant employee benefit education and information

Czech Republic

Excellent information on social security, pension and sickness insurance, relevant forms for foreign workers and more

Information on the migration of workers, employment information, standards of living, social policy, equal rights and Czech legislation

Ministry website on Foreign Policy and thev Czech Republics role in the EU.  Useful links to Czech Republic sites

CzechInvest is the investment and business development agency of the Czech Republic

An association of Czech pensions funds (limited data)

A wealth of useful information for foreign visitors


Ministry of Employment

Information about the labour market, its regulation and links to legislation

Ministry of Social Welfare

Information about the Danish social security system and benefits and links to legislation

For inward investment into Copenhagen (comprehensive information and links)

Information on the Danish parlaimentary system and Danish political parties

Research and information on the Danish working environment

Includes information regarding Data Protection

Useful information for employees and companies relating to employment postings to Denmark including rules governing working conditions


Association for the promotion of employee participation (French language site only)


Government tax site (French language site only)


German language site with some information in English

This site contains English language content relating to the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (IHKs) and its Association (DIHK)

This site contains English language content relating to the German Chamber of International Commerce

The Federation of German Consumer Organisations’ website contains English language information

German language only

German language only

This website contains English language content

German language only

German language only

English language information about the German electricity, gas, telecommunications, postal and railway markets, including underlying legislation

German language only

Contains English language information about the supervision of banks and financial service providers, investment funds and investment companies, insurance undertakings and pension funds, together with links to relevant legislation and more

German language only

German language website

Contains English language content relating to the issues of pensions and rehabilitation

Contains English language content

Contains English language trade-related information

Contains English language content

This Ministry is responsible for tax policy (German language only)

Contains limited English language content

Contains English language content

German legislation translated into English

Federal Social Court

Limited English language content

Contains English language information relating to the German Federal Administration and other public agencies

Guide to pension insurance

Information regarding statutory pension insurance for founders of new businesses (German language only)

German language only

German language only

German language only

Organisation of German Health Insurers (GFK-Spitzenverband)

Information on the German health insurance and social security system


This organisation focuses on the promotion of employment growth and reduction of unemployment.

Provides information on the labour market, grant schemes and EU projects related to employment and mitigation of unemployment in Hungary.

The website contains a selection of Hungarian statutory regulations applicable to, and information for, foreign, i.e. non-Hungarian resident citizens and companies in an attempt to provide visitors with an easy and straightforward guide to taxation in Hungary.

The services offered on the website equally provide assistance for potential applicants and applicants hosting approved projects in the development of a new, European Hungary.

This websites provides information about the Hungarian economy, tax rules, investment and incentives.


British and Irish case law and legislation, European Union case law, Law Commission reports, and other law-related British and Irish material

This website provides businesses with a single access point to all Government information and services


Contains an extensive source of financial and business information (including UK, Europe-wide and USA financial information)

Irish Legal Information Initiative

Contains some of the most recent Irish materials and also a major collection of leading Irish cases

Provides Parliamentary debates from the Dail and Seanad and also listings of Bills presented in both Houses

This site provides information about the Irish state and links to all Government departments

PSA promotes employee financial involvement, including equity participation plans

A full site with general and technical information on Irish tax and customs

The Law Society is the professional body for solicitors and exercises statutory functions under the Solicitors Acts 1954 to 2008 in relation to the education, admission, enrolment, discipline and regulation of the solicitors’ profession.

An index of Irish legal periodicals from 1997 to the present

This site provides the Acts of the Oireachtas (Acts of Parliament) from 1922 to 2005


Italian Securities regulator.  Legislation and more

Ministry of Finance

Italian language only

Overview of justice and courts system


Banking Regulator

Banking Financial Services Regulator

Ministry of Finance

Tax and Customs and useful links

Nederlands Participatie Instituut

The Nederlands Participatie Instituut helps new and existing employee ownership firms located in the Netherlands with employee participation strategies.  Additionally, they publish information on employee participation schemes, conduct research, host workshops and advocate on behalf of employee participation

Tax and Customs Administration

Good information on the Dutch direct and indirect tax system for businesses and individuals

De Nederlandsche Bank

The Netherlands Bank

The Sociale Verzekeringsbank

The Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) is the organization that implements national insurance schemes in the Netherlands


Tax and social security


Office of the Committee for European Integration

English language content available


Government of Romania

This website contains information on the Romanian government: its organisation, objectives and legislative process and legislative objective.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Information on foreign policy in Romania.  The website also provides information on consular services and information and assistance for Romanian citizens travelling abroad.

Foreign Investors Council (FIC)

The FIC has developed important lines of communication with the Government, Members of Parliament, the Agency for Foreign Investment and other institutions, both national and international, providing a platform for effective communication.


Guide to Slovakia

This website is an overview of everything that Slovakia has to offer.

Slovak Tourist Board

Slovak Tourist Board is an organisation specialised in the marketing and state promotion of tourism in the Slovak Republic.

Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic

The Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic is a central body of state administration of the Slovak Republic.

Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic

Information on the labour-law relations, occupational safety and health protection, coordination of the employment strategy and labour market policy, social insurance, pension schemes, state social benefits, social and legal protection of the children, social curatorship and coordination of the family policy.

National labour inspectorate

Information on occupational health and safety in the workplace.

National Council of The Slovak Republic

The National Council of the Slovak Republic is the body of state authority and the status of other state bodies in Slovakia is derived from its primary status.  As an elected body it represents the sovereignty of the state and of the citizens.

Národná banka Slovenska

Information on the monetary policy, foreign exchange operations and reserves, issuing euro banknotes and coins, payment systems, statistics, international cooperation, mutual cooperation and support among central banks, financial stability in the euro area.

National Agency for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises

This website provides information on doing business in the Slovak Republic as well as guidance on training programmes designed by the government of the Slovak Republic and the European Union for small and medium enterprises in the Slovak Republic.

Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic

Providing information on direct taxes, indirect taxes, tax administration and price legislation, tax reform, customs and accounting.


Ministry of the Economy

Information on taxes and legislation and more (click for English language version)


Tax Agency

Swedish language only (some useful English content can be obtained by typing “English” into the search function)

Financial Supervisory Authority

Functional and regulatory information (click for English language version)



Guidance on best employment practices and the ACAS dispute resolution services

Accounting Standards Board

Responsible for UK accounting standards – technical information and more

AIM Rules

A copy of the latest AIM Market Rules of the London Stock Exchange

Association of British Insurers Service

Institutional Investor Service of the Association of British Insurers includes access to the influential ABI corporate governance guidelines

British and Irish Legal Information Institute

Free access to British and Irish case law & legislation, European Union case law, Law Commission reports, and other law-related British and Irish material

Companies House

Useful information and guidance on UK company law and procedures; links to forms and online filing; and UK company data


UK government website containing useful information about employment rights (aimed at employees)

Employee Share Alliance

An independent not-for-profit organisation which lobbies government and offers advice on employee rights and ownership.  (Financed by trade unions)

Department for Business Innovation and Skills

Government department site provides useful information and guidance on UK employment legislation

Employee Share Ownership Centre

A not-for-profit organisation founded to inform, lobby and research in the interests of developing all forms of broad based employee share ownership plans in the UK and Europe

Financial Services Authority

Statutory body which regulates UK financial services

Global Equity Organisation

GEO is a not-for-profit organization providing a forum for an open exchange between members of information relevant to issues involving the use of equity-based employee compensation in the global community

Her Majesty's Treasury

Government department responsible for tax and benefits system

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs – Share Schemes Pages

A large amount of easily accessible information (including technical detail) on the UK tax and social security system

HR Zone

Free online information for HR professionals

Ifs Proshare

A registered charity whose activities include providing financial education services in the share plans arena to professionals

Information Commissioner

Information and guidance on Data Protection from the UK regulator

Institute of Directors

Policy information and advice on a wide range of subjects for directors of UK companies

Listing Rules of the UKLA (United Kingdom Listing Authority)

Listing Rules

London Stock Exchange

National Association of Pension Funds

Represents Institutional Investor Pension Funds – includes relevant corporate governance guidelines

Access to UK Government legislation in original and revised forms


American Benefits Council

Information about policy, legislation and publications

Benefits Link

Provides benefits professionals with free access to resources on administration, efficient design and policy

Council on Employee Benefits

Composed of major corporations having a common interest in the management of employee benefits

Department of Labor

This site contains information on US employment related practices and legislation

Employee Benefits Security Administration (Department of Labor)

Provides comprehensive and detailed information on broad employee benefits

Employers Council on Flexible Compensation

Promotes flexible benefits

ERISA Industry Committee

ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC) is a membership the organization dedicated exclusively to representing the employee benefits and compensation interests of America’s major employers (various resources on offer)

Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)

US Accounting Standards

Internal Revenue Service

Tax resources for individuals and businesses

National Association of Stock Plan Professionals

Impressive resources on US and international stock plans

National Center for Employee Ownership

Source of information on employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), equity compensation plans such as stock options, and ownership culture

Profit Sharing Council of America

A non-profit association of 1,200 companies that sponsor defined contribution plans offers information, research and technical assistance

Securities Exchange Commission

US securities regulator

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