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Romanian Labour Code provides greater protection for temporary and absent employees

Flag on January 5th, 2015

A number of new amendments have been added to the Romanian Labour Code in order to reduce discrimination against temporary employees and give greater clarity on the treatment of individual employment contracts.  The amendments, which came into force on 25 January 2015, are summarised below: Other than in exceptional circumstances, employees who are absent from […]

Employer Social Security rates reduced in Romania with effect from 1 October 2014

Flag on January 9th, 2014

From 1 October 2014, Romanian employer social security contributions have reduced by 5%.  There is no change to employee contributions. Working condition Employee contribution Employer contribution Total contribution Normal working conditions 10.5% 15.8% 26.3% Special working conditions employee is exposed to high occupational risk factors for at least 50% of normal working hours 10.5% 20.8% […]

Romania – Taxation of the income earned by non-resident individuals in Romania

Flag on January 6th, 2012

The residence rules for taxation of the income earned by non-resident individuals have been amended with effect from 1 January 2012. In accordance with the provisions of the Tax Code currently in force, a non-resident individual is required to pay tax on income sourced in Romania such as: employment remuneration received from a foreign employer […]