What we do - Employment and Labour Law

CELIA members provide effective, practical advice to help international employers better manage all aspects of the individual and collective employment relationship.

Services include:

  • Employment documentation and associated policies
    Executive service contracts to staff handbooks and procedures to advice on trade and intellectual property protection provisions for key employees.
  • Restructuring and reductions in force
    The navigation of statutory and contractual regulation of reductions in force as well as expert advice on outsourcing and wider workplace restructuring.
  • Workforce consultation and industrial relations
    Advising on the impact of collective agreements and how best to meet national and transnational consultation and information obligations and to address industrial unrest.
  • Discrimination and equality issues
    Assisting employers as they assess the breadth of the impact of legislation against direct and indirect forms of unlawful discrimination
  • Terminations and compromise
    Helping employers address procedural obligations and achieve desired outcomes while minimising litigious risk.
  • Boardroom disputes
    The sensitive and decisive handling of disputes with the most senior executives often calls for a wide range of the multi-disciplinary expertise CELIA members offer.
  • Litigation services
    Whether defending or taking legal action CELIA members can help with the proper case preparation and presentation to optimise the chances of success.