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UK - November 2012

Seminar - How flexible is your workforce?

Studies show that 86% of the next generation of workers "expect flexibility from their employer"1 and that 1 in 5 over 55's work remotely on a regular basis.2

The CIPD reports that 40% of managers view flexible working as a threat to customer service and 35% consider it to be a problematic challenge for line management.3

Reducing the need for office space by varying working practices can result in significant cost savings. It may also help us in our quest for a greener future.

Employment contracts may be consigned to the history books as technological advancement changes the way we work4 and we adapt our working practices to allow us to compete in an ever more competitive world.

This Abbiss Cadres seminar will look at flexible working in practice and consider whether or not it helps to deliver a fitter, leaner and more engaged workforce as well as healthier profits. We aim to raise your awareness regarding:

  • the surprises in current research about flexible working;
  • ways to re-organise your workforce – current practice and future thinking;
  • the risks and consequences of flexibility in the workplace;
  • methods to create cohesion in virtual teams; and
  • future changes to the legislative framework.

Share your insights and experiences with senior HR and other management colleagues over wine and gourmet canapés.

Who should attend this seminar?

Changing conventional workforces must be led by management.

This seminar will be of particular interest to board members, HR professionals and employee communication specialists.

Speakers: Emma Clark - Partner, Abbiss Cadres LLP

David Widdowson - Partner, Abbiss Cadres LLP

Kate Thompson - Senior Consultant, Communications, Abbiss Cadres LLP


1 - Bain & Co Survey 2010
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4 - ‘Future work How businesses can adapt and thrive in the new world of work’ by Alison Maitland & Peter Thomson

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