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Italy - February 2021

Obtaining Italian Citizenship

It is now possible to obtain Italian citizenship in shorter time.

The Law Decree n. 130/2020, entered into force on October 22nd 2020, has reduced the time needed to define the procedures in order to obtain the Italian citizenship for the reasons of marriage or residence. These procedures, in fact, must now be concluded within 36 months from the date of submission of the application, instead of the 48-months previously provided for.

The term of 48-months for the definition of these procedures was introduced in 2018 by the so-called “Salvini Decree”, concerning immigration and public security measures. This 48-month deadline remains in any case, applicable to applications submitted before October 22nd 2020 as the new timeframe applies only to applications submitted from October 22nd 2020 onwards.

The Decree Law n. 130/2020, however, did not introduce any amendment with respect to the Italian language requirement that was introduced by the “Salvini Decree”. Therefore, in order to obtain Italian citizenship, it is in any case necessary to have a knowledge of the Italian language equal to at least a B1 level, duly attested by institutions recognised by the competent Ministries.

Lorenzo Bacciardi, LL.M. and Chiara Marracino – Global Mobility Area