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RsA Asia
RsA Asia

RsA Asia is a leading tax and corporate advisory firm assisting companies, multinational groups and institutions in China and East Asia.

Clients can expect professional and quality support on services ranging from corporate taxation and market advisory and audit services for companies looking to establish in Asia, to accounting and financial auditing services.   The combined skills and expertise of our advisors allow us to provide a wide range of professional services to our clients, both on a national and international scale, with specific regard to Asian markets.  

RsA Asia
Yaojiang International Square
Wusong Road 308
Room 1701

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  • Celia Alliance - Lorenzo Riccardi
    Lorenzo Riccardi
    T: +86 138 187 36 209
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    Location: China
    Principal address:
    Wusong Road 308 Room 1701 Shanghai 200080 China
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