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USA - November 2017

CELIA Alliance welcomes new member PZI International Consulting in the USA


The CELIA Alliance is delighted to announce the addition of a new member firm, PZI International Consulting, Inc. in the USA with effect from 6th November 2017.

Following the recent addition of Zeifmans as a new member firm based in Toronto, the membership of PZI International means that the CELIA Alliance can continue to offer a wide range of services catering for the complex needs of global employers in North America.

Based in Alabama, PZI provides domestic and international companies a complete array of international HR and people development services. From immigration services to relocation to comprehensive tax, payroll and benefits services for international employees, as well as Employee-Supervisor training for their domestic employees.  Their clients include Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies.

Having worked for large multi-national corporations her entire career, PZI’s president, Debbie McGee, knew the importance of having a global alliance network that could be accessed quickly and easily to solve any client’s difficult international questions,  “We knew Celia Alliance was the network we were looking for and are excited to be part of that global network.”

CELIA Alliance spokesperson Guy Abbiss, commented:

“PZI offer hands on practical expertise and assistance to US-based clients looking to expand internationally, and to international clients looking to set up in the U.S.  The experience of the PZI International team combined with the international resources of CELIA members around the world is a compelling proposition for clients, and enables us to put an important piece in our fast evolving North American membership jigsaw.”

For further information on PZI International Consulting, please visit the firm’s profile here.



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