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Canada - November 2017

Canada’s new ‘Global Skills Strategy’ streamlines immigration processing for highly-skilled high-tech workers

Canada’s new Global Skills Strategy recognises that it is becoming an ever-growing high-tech hub for international companies. 

What do the new rules do?

In general, companies will be able to get high-tech foreign professionals (for example,  software engineers, information systems analysts, web developers, and other similar occupations) to Canada much more easily and quickly.

In addition, however, given the tightening of U.S. immigration policies, this may be an important tool to allow companies to meet their North American high tech resourcing needs without  having  to deal with  perceived U.S. immigration obstacles.

What do we need to do?

Employers who wish to hire/transfer foreign high-tech professionals to work in Canada or to service its North American marketplace should be aware of these changes, in order to take advantage of this program.


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